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Installation Similarities Between Gutters and Golf Courses

Many people do not realize the similarities between gold courses and gutters (hence the name of the site). While many of their similarities lie within their water management and drainage systems, they also share similar installation methods and processes. You are probably thinking, “how can that be? A golf course is entirely different than a gutter system” and you are not wrong, however, they do share some striking similarities.

For new gutter installation, the installation process can be quite extensive, and there are many steps that have to be followed. First, a site survey should be done to determine the best places for runoff water to go. This will help ensure that the drainage system is not causing water runoff issues across the property and it will allow the system to work more efficiently and effectively. Assessing the site means considering the low spots, high spots, the soil types and densities (this can affect the rate at which water is absorbed into the ground), as well as site sloping and any major water features like rivers, creeks, or ponds. Because low spots and existing water features will attract excess runoff water, it is important to consider these when planning a water drainage system for a building.

Similarly gold course design and construction, the first step is to asses the site. It is important to take note of any high and low spots as well as the soil types and densities. Knowing these spots as well as the site slopes will not only help to create a fun and challenging course for golfers, but it will also help design the water runoff system to keep the water off of the main portions of the course. Knowing the soil types and densities will also help with water drainage so that the designers of the course can best create a drainage system that will remove excess water as quickly as possible. If this is not done, water can pool in low areas and in areas where the dirt is too dense to absorb additional water. This will cause the course to be unusable during and after rain which will cost the owner money and make customers upset.

The next step in the gutter installation process is to measure the dimensions of the roof to ensure you are getting the right amount of material for the job. This will make sure that excess materials are not ordered which will cut down on costs and reduce construction waste. Similarly to this, golf course planners must record accurate site measurements during their initial site planning. Having accurate site measurements will ensure that water can drain properly and in a timely manner and it will help with aesthetics and the construction logistics. Site measurements are necessary for ordering turf, sand, concrete, and other landscaping materials, and if the site has not been accurately measured, it is possible that the material orders will not be accurate. This can cause construction headaches if not enough material is available during the construction process and it can also produce excess construction waste if there is an abundance of the material.